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Innovate to Succeed

“The speed and vastness of innovation in our world today is simply breath taking. So many new and wonderful ideas are being brought to effective use improving lives around the world.”


I love to watch as smart people have the courage and the backing to bring to market advancements in every area of our lives. It’s thrilling, but remembers that real wisdom comes from being able to filter out the change for change’s sake and identify what will add value to your business. There is an age-old adage that reminds us of this: “if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it.”


Without progress. Your business can quickly suffer and be left behind by those who recognize the opportunity to try something different, reinvent portions of their business and stay ahead of the curve. This is something we have been thinking about for quite some time at Forever.


Undoubtedly, you have noticed some of these changes and evolutions to our product line, our marketing plan, our facilities and even your experiences at  our events, to name a few. 2017 is going to be year for Forever! You will see more exciting product updates,


Cutting –edge scientific advancements, new developments in shipping and manufacturing and more technological tools to help you build your Business. I am excited to tell you that these innovations are just the beginning!


But the innovation doesn’t stop with the company. As a Business owner, you too have to find ways to keep your business fresh and engaging. Find new ways to connect with people, to share the benefits of our product or our Business opportunity and it present yourself and your Business. This innovation at a personal level is something that I have seen our leaders excel at time and time again and it is what keeps their business strong. Undoubtedly, there will be missteps- progress rarely comes without trying a bit of the wrong thing. We have definitely experienced that from time to time but, you will see that when you find the things that make your business unique and keep it evolving, the true benefits of innovation will be priceless.


I look forward to taking the next step into the future of our business with you!

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