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A Spoonful of Honey for Quick spurt of Energy and Natural Sweetener

Honey, as it is found in the Hive, is a truly remarkable product, elaborated by bees with floral nectar. Nectar is a thin, Sweet Liquid that is transformed (“ripened”) by the Honey bee to a stable, high-density food. The vitamin and mineral content depend entirely on the floral source of the honey.


Honey is Composed of two main sugars, levulose  or fructose and dextrose, which are monosaccharides. Since the digestive process does not need to break down these sugars, honey is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream, giving a quick energy boost to the body. It also contains proteins, vitamins and mineral, but No Cholesterol.


The medicinal Properties of Honey have been known since ancient times. Ayurveda describes honey as the nectar of life and recommends its use in various ailments, but recent studies are now able to prove its beneficial nature in some applications, including as antibacterial topical treatment for burns and ulcers. The reason is because honey tends to withdraw water. Water molecules strongly react with the sugars in honey, leaving little water available for micro-organisms. Thus, infection-causing bacteria are literally dehydrated to death by honey.


However, light and air have destructive effects on Honey. For these reasons, glass containers and lids must be avoided in storing and marketing the Product. This is the reason why Forever Living Products .makes sure that the nutritive value in Forever Bee Honey is protected and therefore is packaged in a 3 layered plastic bottle to reflect ultra violet rays that may diminish its potency.



Our exceptional Source of honey is harvested in the unique, pollution-free environment of the high mountains of Spain by beekeepers that have painstakingly worked these hives for generations. This exquisitely delicious honey has usually high enzyme and mineral content, amongst the highest of all honeys in the world. FOREVR Bee Honey contains only natural ingredients.


This great tasting, nutritious Sweetener is Loaded with nature’s goodness, containing approximately 70 calories per tablespoon. The Forever Bee Honey is a versatile Supplement to your everyday needs, whether you have just a spoonful of honey for the quick spurt of energy you need or add it to your favourite Aloe Vera gel to make a tasty cocktail or supplement your Forever Lite shake with just the right low calorie sweetener.


Forever Living Products has taken a lot of care, added a little Love and given you the best Honey available in the market today. Make it your everyday Lifestyle and substitute the refined white sugars you use for your tea, coffees and even your cooking with this fantastic product and see what a difference it will make to you and your family.


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