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Built Business for future with new FLP 360

This digital platform has been completely overhauled to help you develop your personal relationships and downlines more efficiently. This isn’t about moving away from that powerful form of marketing that has helped us grow worldwide. It’s about enhancing those relationships through adopting digital trends and helping you build a more balanced, modern business.

Over the past year, our teams here at the Home Office and all over the world have been hard at work creating a forward-thinking digital platform to provide you with three crucial elements – insight, strategy and growth. These three words guided the development because building your business requires more than just data. You should have actual insights that you can use to determine the right strategy, to grow your business and the tools to put that strategy to work.

Providing useful, easy-to-understand data was an important goal from the start. The new FLP360 does just that with brand new 4Core dashboards. You know I’m a firm believer in the power of simplicity and building a business where

recruitment, retention, productivity and

development grow together.

The 4Core dashboards will show you how you are progressing and what you need to do to stay in balance. You can see how your downline is doing with their recruiting efforts and how many of your team members need help reaching their goals.

You can also use the new reports to boost retention in your downline by looking at second order trends. See how many days on average it takes someone in your downline to place a second order or even the percentage of people who have purchased more than once over the last 12 months. Aren’t these insights incredible!

But, the real power of FLP360 is how it then connects those insights to actionable tasks you can make through the new digital tools section of the platform. FLP360 is all about bringing data together with the tools you need to see growth. So, you can take those lists of people that haven’t purchased recently and make that personal connection quickly – all from the app!

There’s even content on the app that you can share directly to social media or use on the new landing pages that will help you represent your business online. There’s a lot to learn about what’s new and I’ve only talked about a small portion of what this platform is capable of. Yet, I hope you can already see the impact it can have on your business.

This is without a doubt one of the most important investments you can make in yourself and your business this year. My favorite part about this app isn’t the incredible technology, but the power it has to help you simplify and focus on what’s really at the heart of our business, connecting with people and making our global family even stronger. As you look to reach your goals in 2020, I know FLP360 will help you grow and succeed.

Keep smiling,

Gregg Maughan

President, Forever Living Products

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