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“Heart – Smart” Products for the Heart that Beats True.

Kick start your day with Resolution by focusing on your Heart – Health as the central force. Why not support your heartbeat this month (and all year long) with Forever Living’s potent Combination of “Heart- Smart” Products:  Forever Arctic – Sea, Forever Garlic Thyme and Argi plus. If you are not a regular consumer of these “heart- smart Products, then become one quickly. Take your Heart’s Health Little More Seriously Now a day’s. Because it’s your Loyal Companion, It beats only for YOU! The trio from the core Nutrition to support a well functioning heart.


However, to enable our bodies to utilize the maximum nutrients from these exemplary Products, We must create an Unadulterated “Nutrition Super Highway” – A clear Pathway with No Obstacles So that the Organ receives the maximum Nutrients in the fastest manner without any obstruction. And this can be achieved by preceding these Products by adding the base Nutrition- Our vey Own, most reliable Product  i.e. Aloe Vera Gel.


Forever Aloe Vera Gel is at the base of everything! As a “Prebiotic” it feeds the healthy gut bacteria to fortify and strengthen them so that they create the super highway for maximum nutrition. The Key to good health is to have a ratio of 85:15 of good bacteria versus the unhealthy ones. But quite often this situation is reversed and that is the beginning of all health woes. But why is the gut so important when what we are discussing is heart health? Because everything from a functional standpoint on the cellular level starts right here – in your GUT. Majority of the nutrient absorption happens in the small intestine. 70% of the immune cells are situated in our gut- not for nothing is it called the 2nd Brain.

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Argi + is short for L – Arginine, an amino acid that has so many functions your heart will beat stronger just hearing about them. L-Arginine is Utilized in the body to make nitric Oxide. Nitric Oxide in turn relaxes blood vessels, thus increasing blood flow. This can help support healthy blood pressure levels. In a heart beat. ARGI+ Supports overall cardiovascular health..but it won’t happen unless you take action. Just mix it in you’re your favorite Forever Living aloe drink, or sprinkle a doseon your daily cereal and enjoy the beat.


Forever Garlic Thyme contains a compound called Allicin that is known for its potent medical properties. These compounds can help stabilize blood pressure. We all know that hypertension is one of the major drivers of heart diseases. Additionally, Garlic can help improve cholesterol levels which again may strengthen the heart muscle. The addition of thyme makes this product a super antioxidant with abilities to protect the cellular membrane.


Forever Arctic Sea rich in essential Fatty Acids, that are required for every metabolic process in our body. The cell membranes aremadeof essential Fatty Acids, so if we want healthy cells, we need to get enough EFA’s from good sources. Forever Arctic Sea with Super Omega 3 is an advanced product in terms of a balanced supplement. The two key Omega 3 are Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA) & Eicosapentaenoic Acid (EPA). The new Forever Arctic Sea with calamari oil ensures a much richer and sustainable source of DHA.


When we talk about EPA & DHA, DHA is organs like the brain, eyes, nerve tissues and reproductive areas need. Unlike many other marine sources, Calamari has natural balance of DHA & EPA levels. Our Arctic Sea is designed to support cognitive functions, heart health, Joint health, healthy skin, eye health etc. By having Forever Arctic Sea on regular basis, not only you are providing your precious heart with vital nutrients, but also supporting your brain with EFA’s. On that note, Use your brain to support the “heart Healthy” for yourself as well as your Loved ones by blending the perfect mix of Argi+, Forever Garlic Thyme and Forever Arctic Sea preceded by Forever Aloe Vera Gel.

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