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Adventurous it was, indeed, but worth it!

About 2 years ago, I was preparing to start my graduation studies after junior college like every other student. But I realised that completing graduation or post-graduation may not be enough to fulfil my dreams. So, I started looking for business opportunities and found Forever.

When I understood the business, I realised that I found what I was craving for. Without thinking much I decided to start it, learnt it and started talking to people about products and the marketing plan. Initially, I faced a lot of rejections but despite of the rejections and negativity, I completed the Manager level in just 6 months.

At a mere age of 18 I started making more money than an established Sr. Manager in a multi-national company. People always ask me how I managed to do it so fast, well it’s just because I spoke to the masses. I learnt it from Jatin Sir, “Play in numbers if you lack in skills”.

Manager in 6 months was just the beginning, I achieved much more with the power of Forever. I purchased my own car worth `16 lacs at the age of 19 and my income touched around `3 lacs a month in 2nd year of business. Now I am 20 years old and my monthly income is about to touch `5 lacs.

I have travelled internationally and took my parents on their first international vacation last year. On top of all, I have secured the 3rd position in Top 5 Non-Manager CCs in 2019 and one of my team member is amongst the Top 20 FBOs in India.

I am not traveling alone on this success journey but I have hundreds of people who have chosen Forever as their career and few of them have started earning six figures. Let me tell you, it’s not the end. It’s just the beginning. I can see Big CBQ cheques and GLT super soon. At last I would only say, if I can achieve all this at the age of 20, you can do it too. Dare to take the challenge to make it big in 2020.


June 2017                         – Assistant Supervisor

September 2017                 – Supervisor

November 2017                 – Manager

June 2019                         – Senior Manager

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